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Our Mission

We believe that access to reading materials and knowledge sources for all community members will establish a strong, powerful society. Our mission is to provide more opportunities and access to reading materials and learning activities for wider communities with diverse cultural backgrounds in all conditions and situations.


The UNESCO World Book Capital program is an initiative, launched in 1996, that seeks to encourage and promote publishing activities at the local and global levels by nominating for a one-year period the best city program aimed at promoting books. The initiative aims to promote peace, cultural enrichment, and intercultural dialogue through education, communication and information sharing.

Jakarta For WBC 2022

Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia has long been the centre of development of culture with a long history of writing and literacy which spans from the period of ancient kingdoms up to today, the construction of cultural centre buildings, and rapid development of book publishing and digital literacy. The city’s distinguished characteristics in terms of literacy development is further supported by cross-cultural interactions which have formed an inclusive way of life among the Jakartans.

With its history of literacy, book facilities, and centres of technology and telecommunication, as well as the agility of the public, Jakarta proposes itself as UNESCO World Book Capital 2022 with the slogan “Everybody’s Reading”. The slogan reflects the commitment of governmental and nongovernmental institutions to make reading part of daily life for all levels of society, at home and in their communities, and, even in a crisis situation, to encourage that spirit in every city in Indonesia.

The awarding of Jakarta as World Book Capital will become the people’s responsibility to provide more support in the efforts to advance the city’s literacy and book industry to become an aspiring movement for other regions in Indonesia or in the world.


Developing Book Communities

Jakarta is a home for literary activities initiated by community, organization and institution and people’s initiatives. As one of the preparation process for Jakarta World Book Capital 2022, Jakarta city government intitates more collaborative works with and among the people to develop programs by literacy communities to encourage reading habit and increase literacy competence. The programs for developing book communities are based on the principle of inclusivity to include all groups of society in Jakarta with various economic, social, and cultural background as active participants.

Meetings of Literacy and Content Stakeholders

As the biggest and densest city in Indonesia with more than 10 million population in 2019, Jakarta city government planned a new city development program called “Jakarta City Regeneration” which include innovations in public paradigm, physical structure, and social and cultural aspects of the city. Jakarta City Regeneration implements City 4.0. model in which the people and the government work together as co-creator and collaborator, respectively. With this principle, Jakarta is commited to provide more spaces and opportunities for the people to meet, collaborate, and create.

Strenghtening the Culture in Welcoming Demographic Bonus

The number of productive age population (15–64 years old) in 2030–2040 will make up almost 70% of the total Indonesian population, while the rest 30% is non-productive age population (under 15 and above 65). In numerical prediction, the number of productive age population will reach 180 million people, compare to non-productive age of only 60 million people. The population advantage and potency of demographic bonus have been happening in Indonesia since 1995 and will last until 2050 with its peak in 2020–2030. The proposal of Jakarta World Book Capital 2022 is part of the efforts taken by Jakarta provincial government to welcome the peak of demographic bonus. Demographic bonus will turns into a burden without the implementation of literacy activities and programs which encourage the strengthening of local culture as the people’s life attitude.

Strengthening Literacy and Content Ecosystem

Literacy and content creative activities of a city will not working well without the formation of a supportive ecosystem. Strenghtening literacy and content ecosystem is needed by the implementation of laws and regulation issued by both central and regional governments. Uneven distribution of reading materials, limited availability and access to books and piracy are among several issues in literacy and creative content industry. Collaboration between government and the community will be a strategic solution to increase public awareness on copyrights ownership, widen and ease the access to reading materials and creative content.

Jakarta For IPA World Congress 2022

As a country, Indonesia is recognized internationally as having great economic potential—something that is also true of its publishing industry, which produces an average of 60,000 new titles each year, thus making Indonesia the largest book producer in Southeast Asia. Further, with the inroads that Indonesia has made in terms of international recognition for its creative industries—the book industry, included—Indonesia is model for the region. Following its successful appearance as Guest of Honor Country at the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair and, more recently, as Market Focus Country for the 2019 London Book Fair, in Southeast Asia Indonesia is now the country to follow.

Indonesia, represented by the Indonesian Association of Publishers (IKAPI), is one of the four countries in Southeast Asia that are full members of the Swiss-based International Publishers Association (IPA).

As the capital city of Indonesia with sufficient experience in hosting national and international literacy activities, we proudly announce our success in proposing Jakarta as the host of 2022 IPA World Congress. The hosting of an international publisher congress in Jakarta becomes one of our main activity programmes in the proposal for the Jakarta World Book Capital 2022, and its success will prove the city’s readiness to hold the title as the World Book Capital.

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