The proposal of Jakarta World Book Capital 2022 encourages the Special Capital Region of Jakarta provincial government to underline the spirit of inclusivity by providing more opportunities that allows all members of the society to participate in literary activities, including urban poor people and people with disabilities.

Economic disparity has become one of the major issues in Jakarta, resulting in uneven access to reading materials. To increase access to reading materials for the public, the approach of “picking up the ball” has been used in areas of Jakarta with the Literacy Villages programme. Reading materials have been provided in urban villages to be used freely by the public.

The National Library of Indonesia has a collection of Braille books for the blind and provides tactile paving to assist walking in the library. To achieve the Jakarta UNESCO World Book Capital City 2022 missions, provision of materials and reading facilities for people with disabilities, and their participation in developing the world of literacy, will be raised by providing special literacy activities.

Throughout its history, Jakarta has experienced the effects of pandemics of infectious diseases, including malaria, smallpox, cholera, diphtheria, plague, tuberculosis, and now the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus in 2020. As a response to the pandemic, some public groups concerned with literacy, publishers, and the Special Capital Region of Jakarta have initiated programmes aimed at consistently providing reading materials and literacy activities to the public using information technology and publication of electronic books.



Programme Details



Reading Together on World Book Day

Book reading activities together to celebrate World Book Day taking place at six Community Librarys in six cities around the Special Capital Province of Jakarta.

Forum of Community Library


#AkuBaca (Nusantara Literacy Movement)

Book reading activities together to celebrate World BCampaign online and offline on the importance of reading, raising book donations from the public through ATMs in Gramedia locations in Jakarta along with activities. The programme began on 17 May 2017. From the book donations of the public and partners, #AkuBaca has sent packets of “Moving Books” to over 300 Community Librarys in Jakarta and regions of Indonesia.

Kompas Gramedia and partners


English for Fun

Free Learning English activities for the public provided by Cikini Library

DKI Jakarta (Special Capital Region of Jakarta) Library and Archives Service



Storytelling activity using library collections as materials, provided by provincial libraries, city libraries, and Child-Friendly Integrated Public Spaces (RPTRA). Story reading can be done by professional storytellers or library staff.

DKI Jakarta
Library and Archives Service


Travelling Libraries

Non-stationary library units using modes of transportation such as motorcycles, motorized carts, mobile libraries, and library container units. The travelling libraries function to reach areas of the public far from the nearest stationary library.

DKI Jakarta
Library and Archives Service


Literacy Villages

Providing reading spaces which can be reached without cost and preparing book donation boxes for the general public in regions or villages.

DKI Jakarta
Library and Archives Service


Book Donation

A book donation program managed by The Asia Foundation (TAF) since 1955. Some publishers mainly in US & UK donated books which consist of reference books, textbook, children & teen books to TAF headquarter and then forwarded to some countries to be distributed to end users including Indonesia. There are approx. 40.000-50.000 books were distributed to schools, universities, public libraries, communities and government institutions all over Indonesia each year.  As of today, there are more than 25,000 books donated to Jakarta province through the Public Library Office.

The Asia Foundation


One Community, One Library

The establishment of libraries at the Rukun Warga (district) level through cooperation within the framework of the Jakarta Collaborative City to bring the community closer to learning material that is not limited to printed books, but also digital books, videos and educational films.

Lentera Pustaka Indonesia


Movement for Promoting Reading Interest and Libraries

Associations for various types of cultural activities to promote reading, including workshops based on collections, writing festivals, parenting, etc.

DKI Jakarta
Library and Archives Service


Support for Community Librarys and Literacy Community

Activities including literacy activists who meet at Community Librarys, including providing leadership and other forms of support.

DKI Jakarta
Library and Archives Service


Training for General Libraries and School Libraries

Training for general libraries and school libraries to apply basic principles of librarianship to support reaching library standards.

DKI Jakarta
Library and Archives Service


Training for Librarians and Library Technical Staff

Training for librarians in renewing and developing librarianship principles. Guidance is also given to library technical staff (staff not educated in librarianship) to work according to librarianship principles

DKI Jakarta
Library and Archives Service


International Seminars on Librarianship

International seminars on librarianship to discuss important aspects of widening horizons and improving the abilities of librarians, directions of technological development in the field of library science, and the role of libraries in raising public literacy. Seminars are attended by librarians from public libraries, school libraries, and community libraries. Participants are from Indonesia and abroad. These activities also include the National Library, International Federation of Librarian Associations (IFLA), the Indonesian Librarian Association and the Jakarta Board of Libraries

Jakarta WBCC Committee with the National Library, Indonesian Librarians Association, and the Jakarta Board of Libraries


Basic Book Publisher Training

Education and training activities held through the collaboration of the Department of Tourism and Creative Economy with IKAPI Jakarta which aims to provide learning to actors or potential players in the publishing industry related to the basic sciences of book publishing

Tourism and Creative Economy Service, IKAPI DKI Jakarta


Cover and Book Illustrator Training

Training activities held through the collaboration of the Department of Tourism and Creative Economy with IKAPI Jakarta for bookkeepers, especially cover illustrators and book contents to provide technical knowledge related to the layout and composition of illustrations in book publications.

Tourism and Creative Economy Service, IKAPI DKI Jakarta


Open Call for Social Literacy Activities

This activity aims to provide opportunities for various parties to submit a program proposal in the social literacy field. The selected proposals will get financial support to organize the activities. This program is an effort to involve more parties and is expected to produce creative and innovative ideas to be realized in Jakarta and bring a positive impact on society.

Jakarta WBCC Committee and strategic partners


Amazingrace eja.karta

Exciting interactive game application to involve the general public in the Jakarta WBCC programme.

Jakarta WBCC Committee


Commuter Reading Spot

Facility for borrowing and returning books for users of the Jabodetabek Commuter Line. Books may be borrowed by Commuter Line passengers to read during the trip and return at the destination station. To further develop the programme, it is expected that passengers will be able to access libraries online which can be used by the public while travelling by train

PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia



#RuangBaca.Jakarta is the initiation of a movement, and an invitation to read books in public spaces (one of them being the public transport system MRT) so that readers can be part of the new city life style of Jakarta. The Programme #RuangBaca.Jakarta will consist of four activities: Book Corner, MRT Jakarta Shares Books, MicroLibrary, and Digital Library,

PT MRT Jakarta


#RuangBaca.Jakarta :Pojok Buku (Book Corners)

This is a programme to raise public interest in reading by providing facilities for reading (Book Corners) with bookshelves and books in MRT stations. At present the Reading Corners consist of four MRT stations, located in Stasiun Bundaran HI, Stasiun Dukuh Atas, Stasiun Blok M and Stasiun Lebak Bulus. Users of the MRT can borrow books and read them on the train, then return them at the Book Corner at their destination station.

PT MRT Jakarta



:MRT Jakarta Berbagi Buku (MRT Jakarta Shares Books)

Programme of raising donations of books from the public to distribute at the MRT Book Corners, MRT Microlibrary, communities/nonprofits/schools which need book donations. The public can leave book donations in boxes at 13 MRT stations.

PT MRT Jakarta




ProgrammReading space facilities will be provided near the MRT Dukuh Atas station, one of the areas of Jakarta with the highest number of users and greatest public mobility in Indonesia.

PT MRT Jakarta



: Digital Library

Digital library facilities which can be accessed by MRT users by cellular phone

PT MRT Jakarta


#7HariMembaca (Reading Day)

Programme of reading challenge for users of public transport in Jakarta, including MRT, Trans Jakarta and LRT.

PT MRT Jakarta, Trans Jakarta, and LRT


BI Corner

A CSR programme of Bank Indonesia provides support for structure and infrastructure of literacy for early childhood education and development, school libraries, and university libraries. The support includes activities which involve teachers and students.

Strategic partners


Hokben Membaca (Hokaca)

Collaboration CSR programme between PT Eka Bogainti (Hoka-hoka Bento in Indonesia) with Elex Media publishers and the Kompas Gramedia programme #AkuBaca. The programme consists of providing bookshelves and books for 35 Community Librarys and reading corners in Child-Friendly Integrated Public Spaces (RPTRA} in Jakarta and other areas in Indonesia

Strategic partners


Literacy Activities for the Disabled

Literacy activities held to facilitate people with disabilities supported by the special Braille book collection and special room for the blind.

DKI Jakarta Library and Archives Service


Literacy Features for the Disabled in the I-Jakarta Platform

Jakarta has been a pioneer in providing digital library applications in Indonesia with the I-Jakarta application. This digital library platform is now found in other regions of Indonesia. The programme will add audio book features so that I-Jakarta can be accessed by the disabled.

Jakarta WBCC Committee with strategic partners


IKRA (Initiative for family summary)

The IKRA movement, which was developed in the Johar Baru sub-district of Central Jakarta, was an initiative of women from the PKK (Family Welfare Empowerment) as a response based on literacy to the enactment of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This family-based activity invites the involvement of the public in reading books on health and summarizing them while carrying out home quarantine.

DKI Jakarta Library and Archive Service, Johar Baru Sub-district



(‘Literacy Energy from Home’)

Literacy discussions online carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic and spread through various social media.

Forum of Community Library


Bibliotherapy and Books for Mental Health

Activities in the form of seminars, discussion, practice and socialization, bringing the role of books to the process of healing mental and physical health (bibliotherapy)

Jakarta WBCC Committee with strategic partners


#PapeRun: Moving Books for the Archipelago

#PapeRun is a running sport activity combined with a charity (Charity Fun Run) to raise the Indonesian public interest in reading. The funds raised will be used to promote literacy programmes in Jakarta and other areas of Indonesia.

Strategic Partners


Bible Courses and Bible Reference Book Writing

Writing and publishing Bible reference books for the Catholic religion, including for the blind

Jakarta diocese


Writing and Socializing Religious Ritual Guide Books

Writing and publishing guide books for religious rituals for Catholics: for learning catechism, for lecturers, and including guides for mass, clothing, liturgy, children’s mass, church planning, and first communion.

Jakarta diocese


Writing Religious Guide Books

Writing and publishing religious reference books for Catholics of various ages, including children, adults, and the elderly.

Jakarta Diocese


Arabic Language Teaching

Routine activities of teaching Arabic throughout the year for the general public, and Arabic language teachers in DKI Jakarta and surrounding cities.

Language and Koranic studies institutions


Koranic Teaching and Studies

Routine teaching activities of Koranic studies carried out year-round for the public, and Koranic teachers in DKI Jakarta and surrounding cities, including for the disabled.

Programmes have included language learning, reading, tahsinuttilawah, study and review of manuscripts, and takhasus.

Language and Koranic Studies Institutions


Writing of book on the history of Muhammadiyah and Aisyiah in DKI Jakarta

A project to compile a book on the history of the formation and journey of Muhammadiyah as one of the largest Islamic organizations in Indonesia, and Muhammadiyah women’s organizations in Jakarta.

Muhammadiyah DKI Jakarta


Practice in Rukyatul Hilal and Hisab (study of  criteria to determine the start of months important for Islamic observances)

Teaching for determining the start of Hiriyah and Ramadan through techniques of observation.

Nahdlatul Ulama Regional Committee (PWNU) DKI Jakarta


Writing of book on the history of Nahdlatul Ulama organization in DKI Jakarta

Project to compile a book on the history of the founding and journey of Nahdlatul Ulama as one of the largest Islamic organizations in Indonesia. The book will be launched in March 2021 and include discussions.

Nahdlatul Ulama Regional Committee (PWNU) DKI Jakarta


Publication of collections of Friday sermons.

Compilation and publication of collections of Friday sermons over one year, as materials for Muslims to study and a source of reference for Muslims.

DKI Jakarta Indonesian Board of Mosques


Mosque Radio Broadcasts

Broadcasts of guidance and teachings about Islam and general information about mosques through Jakarta Islamic Centre radio

DKI Jakarta Indonesian Board of Mosques


Reading Identity

Book discussion and literacy program that aims to foster community’s awareness on gender diversity and inclusivity in Jakarta

Jakarta WBCC Committee and strategic partner


Rainbow Literacy

Literacy programs involving community groups with marginalized gender identities that are still marginalized with the aim of increasing interest in reading and helping to face the various social and economic problems they face

Jakarta WBCC Committee and strategic partner

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