As the centre of government and culture, Jakarta has had long experience as a host for various book activities, both at the national and international level. One book activity which has routinely taken place in Jakarta is bringing together book activists including writers, publishers, librarians, and readers at book exhibitions. As a response to the development of the creative industries, which also includes the creative development of books, we hold festivals of content which widen our networks and at the same time bring about closer relationships between creative industry stakeholders.

Beside being the home for several literacy and creative content activities, the Special Capital Region of Jakarta provincial government also realizes the importance to use open public places such as garden, as reading and learning space.The function of the city garden as a space to read and study has become a part of the literacy and book movement in Indonesia. Public garden serves as an oasis during the day in metropolitan city like Jakarta which home to 11 million people. Its existence has several functions, from recreation and sport to reading garden. On the other hand, many publishers have not been able to open their own book stores and rely on profits gained by book distributor which can reach up to 65%. Starting from that basis, and the desire to improve the functioning of open spaces in Jakarta, PD Pasar Jaya has accepted the idea of developing a book garden by using an existing space, Taman Martha Tiahahu Garden.



Programme Details



Martha Tiahahu Book Garden

Literacy tourism with the concept of an open public space providing book stalls and food, a digital library, and an amphitheatre building for book activities.

Pasar Jaya


Museum Sastra H.B. Jassin

Building a literature museum as a location to store the archives of the work and collections of H.B. Jassin and to be a centre of culture for literary activities related to Indonesian literature.

H.B. Jassin Centre for Documentation of Literature


Islamic Book Fair

Islamic literature in a book exhibition which displays hundreds of publishers and tens of thousands of books. The first time the Islamic Book Fair was held in 2002, it was the largest Islamic book fair in Southeast Asia.

DKI Jakarta Association of Indonesian Publishers


Indonesian International Book Fair (IIBF)

International book exhibition which has been held every year in Indonesia since 1980 by the Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI). The IIBF supports the meeting of all the Indonesian book activists with international book activists to meet and act together, which encourages the growth of the creative industry.

Indonesian Publishers Association


DKI Jakarta Book Exhibition

Book exhibit in six cities near DKI Jakarta to increase access to books for the people of Jakarta.

DKI Jakarta Library and Archive Service, DKI Jakarta Tourism and Cultural Service, Pasar Jaya


Jakbook Festival

Exhibition and book market held by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government with thousands of local and imported books to support access to the Jakartan public to reading material. Jakartans with Jakarta Pintar cards can get discounts at this venue.

DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, Pasar Jaya and strategic partners


Jakarta Book Fair Online 2020

In the midst of the pandemic situation, IKAPI DKI Jakarta held the Jakarta Book Fair Online from June 29 to July 2, 2020. The Jakarta Book Fair Online 2020 provided a solution to the public, enabling people to access a range of works from various publishers without leaving home, as well as supporting literacy skills and reading culture. The 2019 event was also enlivened by a book discussion series delivered by a number of experts in their fields, one of them was Reisa Broto Asmoro, who discussed 101 Baby Care to share her experience and knowledge as a “Super Mom”.

IKAPI and strategic partners


Bootopia 2020

A five-day book bazaar exhibition held annually by the Periplus Online Bookshop at the Periplus Building. Bootopia 2020 which was held on 27 February–4 March 2020 not only presented a book bazaar exhibition but also series of discussion panels with various topics, including Story Telling: Broadening Our Children’s Horizon, Cyber Bullying and Ethics of Social Media, Travel-Sketch: A Fun Rendezvous, Bebras Task Card: Equip Teachers and Discover, Doodling: A Fun Way of Self-Discovery.

Periplus Jakarta


Literacy Stage

Literacy Stage is an activity to express appreciation to all the literacy activists from various literacy communities in DKI Jakarta

DKI Jakarta Library and Archive Service


Jakarta Art Book Fair

The Jakarta Art Book Fair is planned as a book exhibition which presents a variety of reading materials on contemporary arts including books, magazines, and zines.



Litbeat Creative Festival

Developed from the Litbeat Literacy Festival initiated by the National Book Committee in 2018. Litbeat is a book and creative industry festival. In 2018 and 2019, Litbeat has presented 128 inspirational expertise from various fields, ranging from national bestseller writers to world copyright experts, from renowned filmmakers to international content business experts. Working closely with dozens of domestic and foreign publishers and various multinational companies, Litbeat has presented 48 interactive classes related to creative content, attended by more than 3000 participants. In its third event in 2020, Litbeat will feature more speakers from various countries and have explored cooperation with a number of big stakeholders in books and creative content industries, such as Netflix, Wattpad, Spotify, and Youtube.

17 Thousand Islands of Imagination Foundation


Litbeat Goes to Communities

This program is an effort to build network with various institutions and community groups engaged in the book and creative industries. By the collaborations, various discussions, exhibitions or other activities were designed and implemented. At the end of 2019, Litbeat Goes to Communitie had collaborated with Gannara Art Space, Connectoon, Mbloc, Kios Ojo Keos, Post Santa, and the Pustaka Obor Foundation. In 2020, Litbeat Goes to Communities strives to be an open platform for more parties in the creative field to exchange ideas and ideas held periodically throughout the year

17 Thousand Islands of Imagination Foundation


Litbeat Lite

Litbeat Lite is a Litbeat pre-event agenda in a virtual format. The programme is a way to provide the discussions, workshops, performances and literacy programmes during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic through direct broadcasting on the social media channel Instagram (IG Live)

17 Thousand Islands of Imagination Foundation


What Are You Reading (Sedang Baca Apa)

Each month, a famous writer or public figure will recommend five books related to a particular theme. The book recommendations will be written down, displayed through attractive videos, and discussed at the end of the month in a book club format. This program is an effort to provide knowledge about books and also to maintain public interest in reading

17 Thousand Islands of Imagination Foundation


Jakarta International Content Week

This content festival event supports Indonesia and Jakarta as a centre of creative industry in Southeast Asia. To be held for the first time in November 2020 in cooperation with Frankfurter Buchmesse and the 17 Thousand Islands of Imagination Foundation.

17 Thousand Islands of Imagination Foundation, Frankfurter Buchmesse, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ministry of Education and Culture



Ideafest is the largest annual creative festival in Indonesia with more than 20 thousand visitors in more than 120 sessions and 300 more speakers in 2019, which connects and inspires the creative community to grow. Ideafest wants to create a creative industry ecosystem by presenting Indonesia’s best creative talents covering 16 sub-sectors of the creative economy, including publishing which covers literacy, books and intellectual property. Many Indonesian writers have been invited to share their ideas in Ideafest sessions, such as: Ika Natassa, Marchella FP, Lala Bohang, Ria SW, Almira Bastari, also discussing Indonesia’s participation in the London Book Fair, the rise of indie publishing, transition to digital book transitions, book for Z generation, author’s platform transition from digital to print, book-to-film licensing and other mediums.

PT Ide untuk Indonesia


TEDx Jakarta

Under a license from TED, TEDxJakarta is included in a global network of volunteers carrying the “ideas worth spreading” mission, creating a community in Jakarta where local thinkers and actors with great ideas could learn from each other with humility. TEDxJakarta becomes a revolutionary knowledge laboratory, where cross-field learning can take place without limits. As one of the first TEDx in the world, since 2009 TEDxJakarta has shared its inspiration by curbing a number of great thoughts and writers, such as Anies Baswedan (Jakarta governor), Ahmad Arif (disaster literacy activist), Peter Carey (historian), Irfan Amalee (publishing figure), Yohanes Surya (physicist and educator), Rene Suhardono (career coach), Khairani Barokka (poet) and Fadly Rahman (food anthropologist), as well as a talk on how to read 52 books in 1 year by Muhammad Noer, and many more. All sessions are published on the global TEDx YouTube channel along with the talks from many of the world’s best-seller writers, such as Simon Sinek, Greta Thunberg, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Brene Brown, and others.



TEDx Jakarta Salon

TEDxJakarta Salon is an event with a more intimate setting than TEDxJakarta. Salon is taken from French, which means the meeting people of hosted by inspiring hosts. If TEDxJakarta is a one-way large stage conference event, the TEDxJakarta Salon is offered in two-directions interaction with discussion session after the presentation is delivered. Besides, if TEDxJakarta covers a variety of multidisciplinary topics, the Salon format is being held with only one scientific topic. The first TEDxJakarta Salon 2020 brought pandemic literacy theme by presenting Herawati (scientific speaker) Sudoyo, Ahmad Arif (writer and disaster literacy activist), and Ade Rai (bodybuilders and author of health book).




#LiveStreamFest is a charity, home-based festival that allows viewers to experience a variety of curated activities around financial topics, creative entrepreneurship, life hacks, and inspiration, all in live streaming. Featuring 101+ speakers & viewers ready to inspire and entertain the audience at home. Up to 4 editions have been held during the 2020 pandemic by inviting content creators, writers, experts, celebrities, business people, government representatives such as the Minister of Education and Culture, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Minister of Social, Governor of DKI Jakarta, Governor of West Java. It has reached millions of unique watchers from all parts of Indonesia.

Samara Live


Indonesia Millennial Summit

The Indonesia Millennial Summit brings together leaders from various fields with the same goal of carrying out effective (and real) dialogue. In the midst of loud, and sometimes confusing surroundings full of commentaries, Indonesia Millennial Summit is a sanctuary where ideas will be delivered, heard, and carried out. Effective dialogue is where action is taken, not only being spoken. The Indonesia Millennial Summit initiative does not end with one-day discussion. This event is expected as a a call to action, one day for a better year.

IDN Times


Indonesia Writer Festival

A creative writing festival that invites writers from several background with the same vision, “Empowering Indonesians through writing”. Indonesian Writer Festival underlines multidisciplinary in the content of the events. Collaboration is the key in bringing quality discussions and giving birth to new ideas about literacy in Indonesia. Journalists, script writers, song writers, novelists, and media experts, are invited to share their knowledge and experience with the audience. Various big names from various literacy took the stage in the 2019 Indonesian Writers Festival, such as Ayu Utami, Dee Lestari, Marchella FP, Najwa Shihab, Reza Rahadian, Rosianna Silalahi, Henry Manampiring, Uni Lubis, Trinity, Gina S. Noer, Andrea Gunawan, Jenny Jusuf, and many others.

IDN Times


Asia Pacific Media Forum

APMF is a biannual meeting for communication channel specialist, brand owner, publisher and digital trend maker. Held in Bali, APMF is curated to challenge old conventions, to embrace new ideas that shape the future of media and consumer. It highlights the shifting trend in the media landscape, the speed of consumer adoption and its impact on business. Since APMF’s first start in 2005, delegates attending the forum were those who controlled more than 90% of the advertising media budget in Indonesia, and influential decision makers from all parts of the country. This is the ideal place to introduce new services, products and technology, a perfect time and place to explore new possibilities and opportunities.



Disrupto Fest

Starting from a thought leadership festival in 2018, DISRUPTO has now developed into an integrated ecosystem consisting of various channels and platforms. Disrupto Fest: Celebration of the Future, is an annual event to celebrate the future. The festival invites various leaders and influential figures from various fields to share their vision and ideals for the future and how science and technology will shape human civilization.

WIR Group



A great content festival with collaboration of ideas, community movements and entertainment. All in one experience.



Indonesia Needs the Youth
(Indonesia Butuh Anak Muda)

Many have spoken, but how many have turned into real action? Indonesia Needs the Youth #movefromnow for a better Indonesia in the next 10 years. The National Library of Indonesia as an important stakeholder for the nation’s intelligence program participates in the event by opening information stands related to digital services, such as membership services, e-books, e-resources, iPusnas, and exhibitions of several collections of Memory of the World (MOW) such as Negarakertagama, and Panji manuscripts.



Happiness Festival

An annual event organized by United in Diversity in collaboration with Semesta Project in commemorating the International Day of Happiness celebrated every March 20. The program was launched by the United Nations on June 28, 2012, marked by the launch of 17 Sustainable Development Goals which are believed to have close links with the happiness index. In Indonesia, Ministry of National Development Planning and UNSDSN are official institutions that oversee the running of this program. The concept of SDG Pyramid is inspired by the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which refers to the “Three Ways for Happiness”, namely by maintaining harmony between social relations, human relations with nature (ecology), and spiritual relations. This philosophy will be a strong element in achieving SDGs as a local wisdom of Indonesia since time immemorial.

Unity in Diversity


From Book to Screen

Facilitating writers to meet with film producers to work on projects adapting literary works to the media of film. Initiated by the National Book Committee in 2018

17 Thousand Islands of Imagination Foundation


Jakarta Fellowship Programme 2020

Cooperation between Indonesian and foreign publishers to exchange representatives to study each other’s publishing ecosystem and exchange views and knowledge.

Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Bureau of Foreign Cooperation


Jakarta International Literary Festival

The Jakarta International Literary Festival was first held in 2019 and is planned as an annual activity. JILF provides a space for interaction and critical discussion to promote contemporary works of Indonesian literature on the international scene.

Literature Committee of the Jakarta Arts Board


IPA World Congress

International congress held by the International Publishers Association every two years in cooperation with member nations of IPA. The IPA World Congress provides a space and opportunity for world publishers to build networks and exchange views on challenges and available opportunities in book publication.

International Publishers Association, Jakarta WBCC Committee


Gramedia Writers Readers Festival (GWRF)

GWRF is a forum to meet, interact, discuss, share knowledge and experience for writers and readers of books published by Gramedia. This programme is enlivened by various activities such as an editing clinic with discussions and music performances, as well as book exhibitions.



Gramedia Short Film Festival

A short film competition with the concept of book-to-film adaptations. The competition is intended to foster creativity on how stories can be altered and enhanced by the visual storytelling of film. The competition is at the national level.



Gramedia Literacy Festival

The festival contains a series of workshops, literacy competitions and writers’ gatherings which target development of literacy and reading interests in the surrounding community. It is arranged by promoting the local culture in the selected location. The participants are mainly students, academics, and the general public.



Gramedia Reading Community Competition

The competition aims to honour literacy heroes across Indonesia who have supported the government in improving basic literacy skills in their areas. The winners will get development funding, book grants ,and  literacy activities collaboration with Gramedia.



Talking with IKAPI Jaya (Ngopi Jaya)

This book and literacy discussion activity was initiated by IKAPI DKI Jakarta in 2018 for IKAPI members. The activity previously took place in several public locations such as Jakarta cafes. During Covid-19 it was reorganized to be carried out through online discussions.



World Book Day Indonesia

This annual literacy festival for International Book Day, which falls on 23 April, is celebrated with programmes of discussions and public dialogue. The World Book Day Festival Indonesia 2020 was held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indonesian Literacy Association


Kongkow Sore

A range of discussions relating to literacy and libraries initiated by the Indonesian Literacy Association cooperating with related bodies including the Jakarta Library Board.  During COVID-19, Kongkow Sore is carried out through online media.

Indonesian Literacy Association


Indonesian National Library Webinars

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Library developed several webinar classes on themes related to libraries and literacy, bringing in national figures.

National Liba


Jakarta Talks
(Ngobrol Jakarta)

Jakarta Talks is a monthly discussion activity with themes related to issues in DKI Jakarta. This discussion activity was carried out at JSCHive by CoHive in collaboration with Jakarta Smart City (JSC). Jakarta Talks involves various speakers from Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD), startups, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), to other community groups.

Jakarta Smart City


JSC Talks

JSC Talks is a discussion room and workshop discussing various services provided by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta under Smart City concept. JSC Talks also discuss data, cities, technology, research, and the concept of Jakarta Smart City (JSC). Through JSC Talks, the audience can get to know various smart city services and programs organized by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

Jakarta Smart City, DKI Jakarta Communication, Information Technology and Statistics Service


Futurecity Hackathon

Future City Virtual Hackathon invites start-ups, local and global innovators to offer solutions in addressing post-COVID-19 challenges through Smart Cities concept. This activity is the result of collaboration between the Germany Smart Change and Jakarta Smart City.

Jakarta Smart City, DKI Jakarta Communication, Information Technology and Statistics Service



JSCLab is a discussion laboratory discussing the development of cities, especially Jakarta, and its transformation in the 4.0 era that was held by Jakarta Smart City.

Jakarta Smart City, DKI Jakarta Communication, Information Technology and Statistics Service

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