Reading Culture

Indonesia’s demographic bonus which will reach its peak in 2030–2040 should be welcomed with development in the quality and quantity of literary activities for young generation. It must be done so that the domination of productive age population which will make up almost 70% of the total population of Indonesia will really become an asset for the development of the nation and the country.

Therefore, interesting programmes are being planned to develop a number of activities that have been begun, to prepare reading material appropriate for children, provide spaces for participation of children in literacy activities, increase the participation of writers and content creators in developing children’s literature, raise the literacy competence of teachers, and develop the children’s book industry. The rapid development of the field of information technology can also be used to raise children’s and students’ interest with the development of electronic books or learning media based on applications and the internet.



Programme Details



Remembering H.B. Jassin

Regular annual activities to commemorate the role and work of H.B. Jassin through book launchings and discussions, and meetings for discussions among literary community members in Jakarta

DKI Jakarta Library and Archive Services


H.B. Jassin Prize

Award in the field of literature, especially for writing and reading poetry at contests for developing and increasing interest, talent, and love of writing poetry. The H.B. Jassin Prize was not presented for 23 years, and then resumed to encourage poetry again to a wider public.

H.B. Jassin
Centre for Documentation of Literature


Literary Open House

This activity will invite various cultural centres in Jakarta to carry out a free and open activity for the general public. The activity will be focused on the end of the week before or after the World Book and Copyright Day 2020.

DKJ Jakarta Tourism and Culture Service in cooperation with Jakarta cultural centres


Jakarta has Stories: Reading Jakarta from Literature

This activity will present the wealth of literature which focuses on Jakarta through discussions and exhibits.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Services and creative partners


Jakarta Children Read Day (Hanjaba)

Contest and exhibitions for children in elementary and middle school, including colouring, drawing, story-telling, poetry reading, poster-making, and debates in English.

DKI Jakarta Library and Archive Service


Literacy Tourism

Regular programme bringing students from Early Childhood Education and Development (PAUD) through high school to visit libraries in DKI Jakarta and participate in activities in the libraries they visit. The programme is coordinated by the DKI Jakarta Library and Archive Services in all areas of DKI Jakarta.

DKI Jakarta Library and Archive Service


School Literacy Festival

Yearly programme since 2016 carried out by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Includes reading and writing and motivation for the success of the literacy movement in the schools.

Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture


Ministry of Finance Library Literacy Festival

The Ministry of Finance holds a Library Festival for children in PAUD and Kindergarten to participate in activities including colouring contests and reading books together to raise their interest in reading.

Indonesian Ministry of Finance


Muhammadiyah Art and Literacy Festival

Festival at Muhammadiyah elementary schools with art and literacy contests

Muhammadiyah DKI Jakarta


Art Books for Children

This programme will provide children’s books produced by collaboration between writers, artists, and graphic designers in Jakarta. Works will be exhibited with book launchings.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Service, Hanafi Studio


Audio Books for Children

Audio books use non-text media which can convey the contents of a book, especially for children who cannot read yet. Good audio books can help children to develop their imaginations.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Cultural Service, Audiobook, Mitra Netra Foundation (‘Friends of the Blind Foundation’)


School Literature Discussion

The dynamics of the world of literature often do not correlate with the teaching of literature in school. To support discussion between the world of literature and the world of education, selected young writers will visit schools, read their works, and discuss various themes with students in Jakarta.

DKI Jakarta Education Services, Jakarta Arts Board Literature Committee


School Literature Fair

Literature exhibition packets are prepared as media for learning about literature for students and teaching materials for school teachers. The packet will balance interactive and digital elements such as radio, film and digital archives. The exhibit module can be printed by the school and adjusted to the space available.

DKI Jakarta Education Services, Jakarta Arts Board Literature Committee


Children’s and Students’ Theatre Festivals

Contests and festivals of theatre performances for school theatre groups in the area of DKI Jakarta

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Services


Jakarta Children’s Poetry Competition

Poetry reading competition for children aged 7-13 years reside in DKI Jakarta. Poetry readings are recorded and uploaded on YouTube or Instagram to be judged by the judges. The winner of the Jakarta Children’s Poetry Competition was announced on the celebration of the National Children’s Day on July 23, 2020.

DKI Jakarta Empowerment for Child Protection and Population Control Service


Book Your Stories

Children are invited to understand how to express their stories and imagination and realize them in the form of books which use environmentally-friendly materials. The activities can be done through the school or communities which work with children.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Service, all-Jakarta RPTRA


Workshop Making Science Books for Children

Science can be taught to children in fun ways. Experiments that are not dangerous can be done directly by children. Activities can be done at school or communities that work with children. Inspired by the creative non-fiction style of writing, the results and experience of the experiments can become a book illustrated by the children.

DKI Jakarta Education Service, all-Jakarta RPTRA, Indonesian Institute of Sciences


Book ‘Abang’ and ‘None’

Selecting a young man (Abang) and young woman (None) to spread the idea of loving to read, by being involved in book programmes. This activity will involve the young generation as ambassadors of reading in the framework of spreading the reading culture. The Book Representatives will be selected by audition like the popular Abang None Jakarta event. The pair who are selected will become Reading Ambassadors whose task is to help the Library and Archive Service to spread the love of reading around DKI Jakarta.

DKI Jakarta Library and Archive Service


Contests for Novel Writing, Children’s Books, and Literary Criticism

The Jakarta Arts Board Literature Committee has held writing contests and literary criticism contests 46 times. The contest has brought about innovations in writing literature in Indonesia, including in form and theme, showing skill in language and diversity of thought from period to period. This contest supports the emergence of new writers from generation to generation, some becoming important names in Indonesian literature.

Jakarta Arts Board Literature Committee


One Thousand Students Write Movement

Writing competition for middle and high school students in the area of DKI Jakarta, which has been carried out since 2018. Selected works from the writing competition are compiled and published as an anthology.

Regional Organizer of Nahdlatul Ulama Province DKI Jakarta


Quality Reading Material and Child-Friendly Library Program

The Quality Reading Material and Child-Friendly Library Program aims to increase the reading interest of Indonesian children through quality reading materials that are tailored to the level of reading ability and through a literacy-rich environment by establishing a child-friendly library centred on the development of children’s/learners’ literacy.

ProVisi Education, Kaya Baca Division


Developing Children’s Reading Interest through Literacy Cloud

Room to Read/ProVisi Education has worked with local partners to publish 110 high-quality children’s book titles in Indonesian, adapt 110 Global Room to Read book titles to Indonesian, and build 210 school libraries in East Java, Bali and East Nusa Tenggara.
Through a project supported by, ProviSi Education is currently developing the Digital Literacy Cloud which combines quality children’s story books in both Indonesian and foreign languages, literacy professional development videos for teachers to support effective reading activities, and videos for book creators to support the development of even more quality reading materials.

ProVisi Education, Room to Read Division


(Komidi Putar)

Komidi Putar is a children’s and family festival that combines various events such as discussions, workshops, conferences, to bazaar of various products and services for children and families.



Read Aloud Training

Online reading training for children and parents with the teaching levels: (a) Basic: What, Why, How to Read Aloud, (b) Advance: Choosing Books to Read Aloud, and (c) Training of Read Aloud trainers

Reading Bugs


Kids Read

Kids Read Program is a collaboration between British Council and HSBC Indonesia to supports the literacy movement with storytelling training for elementary school teachers in Jakarta, Bandung, Makassar and Yogyakarta.

British Council


Javanese Book Lab

A book creation workshop which aimed at building authors’ and illustrators’ capacity in creating engaging children’s stories in Javanese local content & language.  There are 10 stories created which are appropriate for level 1-3.  The workshop is a collaborative work between TAF, Litara & University of Petra Surabaya.

Let’s Read Indonesia and The Asia Foundation


Minang BookLab

A book creation workshop which aimed at building authors’ and illustrators’ capacity in creating engaging children’s story in Minang local content & language.  There are 10 stories which are appropriate for level 1-3. The workshop is a collaborative work between TAF, Litara and ISI Padang Panjang (West Sumatra).

Let’s Read Indonesia and The Asia Foundation


Read Aloud Challenge (#AyoBacaNyaring)

For six weeks, adults and teenagers worked together to read books with 200,000 children across Indonesia. The challenge includes three ways for everyone to use the power of books to help children thrive. First, they can visit and pledge to read with children. Second, using the #AyoBacaNyaring on Facebook and Instagram will help to grow the movement and reach even more children. Finally, for National Children’s Day on July 23rd, The Asia Foundation will broadcast a 12-hour Read A Thon on Facebook and Instagram live that will feature local community members and celebrities reading their favorite children’s books. 

Let’s Read Indonesia and The Asia Foundation


Environment BookLab

To enrich Let’s Read Children Book Digital Library platform with new additional titles exploring environmental themes, and to build capacity of editors, authors and illustrators, Let’s Read holds a series of workshops: development workshop, authors workshop and illustrator workshop.  The objective of those workshops is to disseminate good practice in book developing to as many as book creators (authors, illustrators & editors). 

Let’s Read Indonesia and The Asia Foundation


Reading Champions

15 Reading Champions training: Reading champions to be selected from diverse low-income communities in Jakarta. Training includes Read Aloud Training, TAF Child Protection Training, and Monitoring and Evaluation Training.  Each champion will gather and read with 15 groups of 30 children in their community every week. The champion will strive to reach the same children every week for 6 months.

Let’s Read Indonesia and The Asia Foundation


Jakarta Academy Award

The Jakarta Academy, as advisor to the DKI Jakarta governor in the field of art, has the responsibility of recommending awards to artists or literary figures. The first time this award was presented was in 1975. The Jakarta Academy has been given to a number of literary figures who have contributed significantly to Indonesian literature.

Jakarta Academy


Rancage Literature Award

The Rancage Literature Award is given by the Rancage Cultural Foundation, founded by cultural figures Ajip Rosidi, Erry Riyana Harjapamekas, Edi S. Ekajati, and several others. This award is given to figures who have contributed to regional languages and literatures.

Rancage Cultural Foundation


Kompas Short Story Award

Award for short stories which have appeared in the newspaper Kompas.



Kusala Sastra  Khatulistiwa (Equatorial Literature Award)

Award for Indonesian literature founded by Richard Oh and Takeshi Ichiki in 2001. This award was based on books of prose and poetry published in the last 12 months and selected by a jury. Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa is one of the most prestigious literary awards in Indonesia and encourages new works by young writers.

Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa


IKAPI Awards

Award for outstanding contribution in the book industry in Indonesia in several categories, including best writer, best book, and literacy promoter.



DKI Jakarta Province Cultural Awards

Provides cultural awards to artists, art groups, cultural practitioners, art collectors, and owners or managers of art collections. Regular activities in the last two years have shown appreciation for their work and dedication to pursuing art and culture.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Services


Radio Plays Podcasts

In Indonesia, radio plays were once very popular among radio fans and their broadcasts eagerly awaited. With modern technology, the podcast is a trend among the youth. It can bring back the radio play with a more modern presentation and can be listened to at any time.

Tourism and Culture Service, Republic of Indonesia, Audiobuku


Jakarta from Age to Age

Jakarta often appears as a background in Indonesian literary works. This activity is to research, collect and select short stories which have Jakarta as the background, to publish in a book

DKI Library and Archives Service, PDS H.B. Jassin, Bamboo Community (Komunitas Bambu)


Sister City

The Jakarta Sister City Youth Program aims to develop the potential of DKI Jakarta youth to participate in the future development of DKI Jakarta. Started in 2013, this program selected Jakarta youths to participate in a residency program in two sister cities, Beijing and Seoul. The Jakarta Sister City Youth Program aims to provide a means for young people to interact with residents and young people of the sister city. In addition, this program also aims to bridge relations between nations through youth and cultural missions. For this reason, not only young people with global-minded are needed, but also who understand the wisdom of local culture in terms of Youth & Smart City, Youth & Ecological City and Youth & Cultural City.

DKI Jakarta Sports and Youth Service


Stories from our Sisters

Using the Sister City network, women writers from Jakarta’s sister cities will gather to exchange views about their cities, become acquainted with Jakarta, and write about it.

DKI Jakarta Regional Bureau Head, Bureau of Administration Jakarta International Library, Jakarta Literary Festival, Sister City-Pemprov DKI Jakarta


Folk Tales from the Edge of the River

In this programme, writers from Jakarta work together with citizens who collect stories still remembered about their river, to create a book. The citizens can be asked to collect old photos showing their area from period to period for a photo exhibition.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture, Bamboo Community, populations on the edge of the river


Jakarta Folklore International Festival

Activity to introduce and maintain intangible cultural heritage in the public, especially the younger generation. This Festival was held in 2019, involving Indonesian artists, especially representing the Betawi culture, and attended by invited guests from a number of countries.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Services


Jakarta Theatre Festival

Competition and festival of theatre performances by theatre groups in the area of DKI Jakarta.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Services


Literary Arts Training

Arts and literature training for students, members of art workshops and arts teachers in the area of DKI Jakarta. In 2020 training will be provided in mural painting, Indonesian dance arts, crafts, Betawi music, literature and cinematography. Selected results will be performed or displayed publicly.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Services


Jakarta Cultural Statistics

Compiling and publishing Jakarta cultural statistics has become an annual agenda for the DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Services. It is done to map and record artists and arts groups in the DKI Jakarta area.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Services


Development of Partners in the Arts

The programme of developing partners in cultural fields is to form and develop partnerships between non-governmental organizations or arts groups with private enterprises, professional businesses, and cultural management.

DKI Tourism and Cultural Services


Cultural Services Site

Preparing and managing the official site for the DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Services is important for the publication of arts and cultural activities in the area of DKI Jakarta for the general public.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Services


Short Story and Poetry Writing Competition

A national-level short story and poetry writing competition for junior and senior high school students in DKI Jakarta.

DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Service and Poetry Day Foundation


Poetry Book Competition

National poetry contest that has been held since 2013 by the Poetry Day Foundation. The poetry books submitted for the contest will curated by the judges to determine the six-best works.

Poetry Day Foundation


Poetry Book Publishing

The publication of a collection of poems that have been sent by contestants through curation by the judges.

Poetry Day Foundation


Poetry Day Celebration

This activity, which has been initiated since 2013, is one of the commitments of the Poetry Day Foundation to continue to fight for the existence and role of poetry in the life of the Indonesians. Poetry Day Celebration is enlivened by the awarding ceremony of the Poetry Book Contest and poetry reading by poets from ASEAN region.

Poetry Day Foundation


Literature Terrace

Routine discussion activity to study selected literary works by inviting authors and loyal readers of Indonesian literary works

Bentara Budaya Jakarta


Tuesday Poetry

Weekly poetry readings held every Tuesday at Bentara Budaya Jakarta

Bentara Budaya Jakarta


Literacy Village

Literary discussion activities at the Ancol Arts Market held on weekends by inviting authors of the books being discussed.

Ancol Arts Market and Bentara Budaya Jakarta


Online Education and Digital Recreation (PORTAL)

Online education class program initiated by Ancol Arts Market in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program, which was previously carried out routinely in Ancol Arts Market location, offers two classes, namely Education Classes and Recreation Classes. The Education Class Program invites visitors to learn science, arts, culture and creative economy. While the Recreation Class aims to develop skills on crafts and special interests

Ancol Arts Market and


Cultural Programme for London Book Fair-Indonesia Market Focus

The London Book Fair Program-Indonesia Market Focus is a program implemented by the National Book Committee with the Creative Economy Agency and the Ministry of Education and Culture. The British Council developed a series of programs as part of the cultural programmes of the LBF Indonesia Market Focus, connecting Indonesian and English writers through residency and showcasing

British Council


Weaving Stories

Weaving Stories is a pilot program initiated in 2019 focuses on storytelling by exploring alternative and innovative methods. Two writers and two illustrators from Eastern Indonesia conducted residencies and research into two craft organizations in Makassar (South Sulawesi) and Mandar (West Sulawesi). From the residency, two stories were produced which were then turned into books, namely ‘The Story of Samariona:The Story of the Land of the Mandar’ by Dahri Dahlan and ‘Tenri and the Finger’ by Mariati Atkah. The story will be responded to, aired through radio podcasts, and promoted on Instagram stories and live reading sessions

British Council


Indigenous Language Poetry Exchange

Cultural exchange program in the field of poetry initiated by a collaboration of the British Council with the Makassar Writers Festival and Contains Strong Language & Wrecking Ball Press (UK). With the theme of indigenous languages, we selected 3 English writers (from Wales, Shetland Isles and Scotland) and 3 writers from eastern Indonesia (Kupang, Gorontalo and Lombok) to be involved in workshops and residencies during the Makassar International Writers Festival. Their works were then displayed at the BBC’s Contains Strong Language festival in Hull (UK) and printed in the anthology book ‘I am both a stranger and of this place’

British Council


Data Collection of Intangible Cultural Heritage

As one of the largest ethnic groups that exists and continues to develop in Jakarta, Betawi has a number of cultural heritages, both tangible and intangibale. The data collection on intangible cultural heritage was carried out to record the Betawi cultural rites which may no longer be carried out and known by the community today as an effort to reintroduce one of the ethnic groups of Jakarta.

Betawi Cultural Institution


Videos on Betawi Culture and Literature

Dissemination of knowledge about Betawi culture can no longer be limited to writing and publishing printed books. Producing attractive videos aims to attract the attention of more groups of people, especially the younger generation.

Betawi Cultural Institution


Virtual Betawi Poetry Reading Competition

The Betawi Cultural Institution helped to carry out literacy activities in the midst of a pandemic by launching a Betawi-language poetry reading competition by making use of the Internet and social media networks.

Betawi Cultural Institution


Short Story Reading Competition

Betawi-language short story reading competition which aims to relive public interest in Betawi literary works that had reached its popularity in the 1960s-1980s.

Betawi Cultural Institute, Betawi Reading Foundation, DKI Jakarta Education and Culture Service


Betawi Books

Writing and publishing of Betawi-related books that review the cultural and historical aspects of one of the largest ethnic groups in Jakarta.

Betawi Cultural Institution


Study on North Jakarta Rites

The discovery of inscription in Kampung Tugu, North Jakarta, indicated that literacy activities in Jakarta had begun since the 5th century. As one of the starting points for the development of Jakarta literacy, the North Jakarta area holds a valuable historical heritage that needs to be explored.

Betawi Cultural Institution


Books as Bridges to Thrive Young Women

3 (three) Read Aloud ToT Trainers and 24 Read Aloud ambassador workshops are held in Indonesia’s urban centers (Jakarta, Bandung & Surabaya).  There were more than 800 women who had been empowered to advance literacy & bridge opportunity gaps for future generations by trained them to read aloud with children and advocate for meaningful reading opportunities.

Let’s Read Indonesia

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